Social Networking SoftwareAllow your users to make their profiles available online, so that old classmates and long-lost friends can find out more about them. They can use their profiles to highlight their personality by providing personal information comprising their likes and dislikes, hobbies, education and so forth. The profile pages can also be seen by other members in their network, to contact them easily.


NetworkingNetworks help your users bring together people within a locality, school, university, sports club, work place, college, etc. If your users don't find a network of their interest, they can suggest a new one to the admin who will analyze and approve of it. Users can join any open network, but they can join closed/secret networks only after approval from the network admin. After joining a network .


Social SiteThe most beautiful thing we can experience is viewing and sharing photos with people we love. People want to share photos of the memories that they have of their children, the good times they've shared with family and friends, and so on. Kootali will allow your users to organize multiple photographs under albums.


SoftwareVideos help people preserve cherished memories. Kootali fills a very real and tangible need. It is ideal for those times when you feel that words are just not quite enough – with video sharing you can share those moments or show what you mean. With advanced video sharing features in Kootali, users can preserve and share memorable videos.


Open SourceClassified ads, when used efficiently, can be one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to increase sales and customers. Unfortunately most people don't realize the pulling power of classified ads. It is a good way to sell a car or find a job or can even be used to launch and operate a multi-million dollar business.


Networking SoftwareUsers can form groups with other internet users, especially with those who enjoy or believe in the same things that they do. Essentially, this enables your users to start making friends, almost as soon as they are granted access to the site that they have chosen.


Open Source NetworkingEvents help you prepare for whatever comes your way — good, bad or just different. Users can find more information about the events hosted by other members. It helps get to know one another better, to share experiences and to build relationships through an enjoyable and motivating experience.


Social Networking SoftwareUse stickies to write reminders, create lists, leave messages for other members or store frequently used text.


Social WebsiteUsers can post items and share them with others via internal messages or user’s profile. If your users encounter abusive or inappropriate conduct including images of child abuse they can report them to the admin. The admin can help them by sending warning messages to a particular person who has posted abusive content, and solving the problem by removing the abusive content.


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